Why Cutting Edge?

The construction industry has a reputation for having archaic processes and poor customer service. Our goal is to change this narrative. We combine technology and innovative thinking to complete projects that are as precise and clean as possible. When choosing our team for a project you can be confident in a high-end experience.

BP BP Model

The two most important factors for any construction project are materials and labor. Materials are simple. Because paint is readily available, we only use the highest quality and best suited paints for a given project. Any good competitor will do the same.

Labor can be difficult. Painting requires a high level of skill. Anyone can go buy paint. Not everyone has the steady hand and/or patience to produce a great finished project. It has always been a challenge to find people that work hard and take pride in their work.
Our unique labor model allows us to hire the best craftsmen and to keep them. While most construction crewmen are paid hourly. Meaning they have the stress of “getting enough hours” each week to pay their bills and support their families. Our Better Projects model acts as a quasi-salary and allows our installers to earn up to 8 weeks of paid time off (PTO) per year. PTO is earned when projects are completed on time to the satisfaction of our customers. If there is ever an issue with a project our crews will come and correct any errors on a day, they would otherwise have earned off. Our crews have the peace of mind that they will have a stable paycheck each week, and the time away from work allows our crews time to enjoy with friends and family or tend to other tasks. Our goal is to decrease stress and boosts positive mental health of our crew. It helps to make them “Better People.”
Because of this model, it is extremely rare we have issues with our workmanship. Minor touch up work and details are rarely missed because of this structure. Resulting in “Better Projects.”


CE Before
Clean stage
Pressure washing is critical. Clean surfaces are necessary to ensure paint adheres properly during application. Our crew will even wash your driveway!
Prep stage
Any siding issues are assessed – loose paint is scraped. Any gaps or cracks are caulked and filled to prevent water intrusion.
Painting stage
Premium coatings are applied using top of the line equipment to ensure proper coverage and a smooth finish.
CE After